About Unlimited Possibilities Aviation
Unlimited Possibilities (UP) Aviation is the quality flight school in Greensboro and Asheboro, NC!
We offer flight training, air tours, discovery flights, and aircraft rental! Our goal at UP Aviation is to help everyone reach their aviation goals! Whether it is just a hobby or a future career, we are here to help. Our team works hard every day to provide quality aircraft and instruction to meet these goals.
Here at UP Aviation, everyone is welcome aboard and the possibilities are unlimited!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Where did the name come from?

    • Unlimited Possibilities Aviation, also known as UP Aviation, comes from the unlimited possibilities that aviation has. There are so many opportunities from buying your own aircraft, flight instruction, flying for big companies like airlines, corporate jets, or cargo! When you take a tour with us, we will show you just how big the world of aviation is from getting your pilot's license to some of the unlimited possibilities it can take you!

  • How long have you been in business?

    • Unlimited Possibilities Aviation began in March of 2021. We started out with just a dream, grew to two airplanes and a handful of instructors, and now a variety of aircraft and a full team.

  • What is your availability/hours?

    • Our team works according to your schedule and availability.  Our typical hours are about 7am-7pm, 7 days a week, but we will work around those times to fit your needs!

  • What is the difference between a discovery flight and an air tour?

    • Our discovery flights are 30 minutes and give you a hands-on experience of flying the aircraft. The purpose of the discovery flight is for those interested in flight training and to get a feel of flying to see if it is for you. Our air tours range from 1-2 hours and are designed for sightseeing and the adventure of flying! Check out our air tour page to see the different locations to choose from!

  • Is there an age limit for flight training?

    • There is no age limit to start flight training. However, a student is not able to solo until they turn 16 and cannot take the check ride for the private pilot license until they are 17. We do have a few students that have started training with us at 14 years old, these students will build up time and experience to better prepare themselves when their time comes to solo and get their license